Our Osteoscrew products offer a wide range of titanium osteosynthesis screws for fixation of bone blocks and solid bone shells. Two diameters of set screws - 1.2 and 1.7 mm - with different lengths, ideal for spacer shell techniques to create a bone bed. Exclusive to Osteoscrew: our 1.9mm self-tapping titanium screws for more pull on the augmentation, perfectly matched for use with our industry-exclusive Cortiflex technology. We offer two-part insertion handles for highest precision and one-piece handles for more manual torque. The insertion instrument has an ISO connection for the contra-angle handpiece or ratchet, ensures a tight fit of the screws and provides an integrated mechanism to push the recorded screws gently from the instrument, even in the softest bone conditions, and prevent it from tearing out. The pre-drills or directional drills in the three corresponding diameters are available as triangular or twist drills. Massive ScrewSave containers for the prepared, easy mounting of the screws as well as their sterilization and storage complete the offer.





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